Let Reliance First Capital Show You What an FHA Streamline Refinance Can Do for You

Almost everywhere you look - TV, newspapers, the Internet - you can find advertisements promoting the benefits of mortgage refinancing. Truly, mortgage refinancing can offer many advantages. It can lower your monthly mortgage payments (by refinancing your existing loan, your total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan), shorten the length of your mortgage, or switch your interest rate from adjustable to fixed-rate. But what if you have an FHA-insured mortgage? Can you still jump on the refinancing bandwagon? The answer is yes, and Reliance First Capital can show you how. Reliance First Capital can help you take advantage of the great things refinancing can offer!

Basic Requirements for Refinancing An FHA-Insured Streamline Mortgage

In order to possibly consider refinancing with an FHA-insured streamline mortgage, you must, at a minimum:

  • Have an FHA-insured mortgage, of course!
  • Your mortgage must be current, meaning that payments are up-to-date.

Reliance First Capital Makes the FHA-Insured Streamline Mortgage Refinancing Process Quick and Easy

If you satisfy the basic minimum requirements for an FHA-insured mortgage refinance, turn to Reliance First Capital to apply for an efficient, convenient refinance designed to meet your individual needs. Reliance First Capital provides an FHA-insured streamline refinance that is quick and easy (you will still need to meet other underwriting requirements). Often this type of refinance requires no income documentation, no appraisal or home repairs, and very little paperwork. With their smooth-flowing process and comprehensive expertise, Reliance First Capital can make FHA-insured mortgage refinancing a reality for you.